Don’t let your eyes age you! Try out these quick fixes and long term- solutions.

I sleep great, so why do I look so tired?

Logging a full night isn’t always the answer. The skin around your eyes is less dense and has fewer oil glands, so dont skimp on eye cream, which plumps the area. This will help prevent you from looking creepy and stop the underlying blood vessels from reading as dark circles.

HELP FOR DARK CIRCLES, WHY THEY HAPPEN while it’s easy to blame long days for those telltale circle, they show up for other reasons – hollow areas around the eyes, thin skin, excess pigment, allergies and even genetics. People of Indian, Asian, or Latin decent can be more susceptible to them.

FAST FIX here’s a bright idea: in lieu of (or layered cover) dab a bit of highlighter on top of under eye circles the subtle pigments reflect light, downplaying dark shadows. Use a champagne shade for light skin and a golden hue for dark skin; L’oreal Paris Infallible Longwear Highlighter Shaping Sticks come in both.

SKINCARE SOLUTION smooth on a eye treatment with peptides and either niacinamide or vitamin C, like Olay Eyes Brighting Eye Cream peptides thicken skin over time, while vitamin C and niacinamide are antioxidants that help brighten.

HELP FOR PUFFINESS, WHY IT HAPPENS salt, alcohol, or a good cry can cause swollen eyes, but other triggers include allergies, the thinning of the skin that comes with age, and dry skin around the eyes that makes them more vulnerable to irritation. The under eye are is naturally prone to retaining water, si it doesn’t take much to make it puffy.

FAST FIX “Deflate” bags in minutes with special under eye masks you press onto clean skin beneath the eye. Most contain a cooling element that immediately constricts blood vessels, and many also tighten the skin for a couple of hours. Store them in your fridge so they’ll go on chilly, and stay upright while wearing them to encourage fluid drainage. No7 Instant Results Revitalizing Hydrogel Eye Masks.

SKINCARE SOLUTION just as a cup of coffee perks you up, a caffeine-rich eye gel like Philosophy Purity Made Simple Hydra-Bounce Eye Gel refreshes puffy eyes at any time of day. The ingredient is anti-inflammatory, so it helps constrict blood vessels and flush out fluids that have pooled around the eyes. Bonus trick: at night, prop up your pillow a bit, which reduces fluid buildup around the eyes while you sleep.

HELP FOR Crow’s feet

WHY THEY HAPPEN In many ways, eye crinkles are the badge of living a happy, active life. They’re caused by repetitive motions like smiling and laughing as well as exposure to sun and other environmental factors.

FAST FIX Tap a dot of makeup primer on the area to fill in the lines so your concealer or foundation goes on smoothly and evenly. Even without makeup over it, primer creates a blurring effect that makes crow feet less obviousE.L.F Hydrating Under Eye Primer,

SKINCARE SOLUTION A formula that boosts skin’s collagen is the ticket to less-lined eyes over time. Every evening, glide on an over-the-counter eye cream with retinol, like GarnierSkinActive Ulta-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream which is gentler on the delicate area than a prescription retinoid. And before you go outside, put on UVA- and UVB- filtering sunglasses.

WHY FACE LOTION DOESN’T WORK FOR EYES Face moisturizers often contain fragrance, which can aggravate the skin. Pluse thick cream can cause thin under eye skin to retain moisture and look swollen.

THE RIGHT WAY TO APPLY Use your finger to gently press your eye cream up along the browbone, down to the outer corner, and over on the under eye area.


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